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Lewis Elementary Staff Newsletter August 14, 2015

Positive Phone Contacts

Classroom teachers-don't forget to begin making your first positive phone call home next week. Set a goal of at least 2 per day, and you will be finished before September! Make it a great start with all of your parents. YOU can set the tone. (I will have a small gift for you when you come show me your log of phone call documentation!)

Important Dates

8/17 Earthquake Drill 3:00

8/18 Fire Drill 3:00

8/19 Hold-in-Place Drill 10:00

8/19 Wednesday Collaboration-gym-ELA/Math Curriculum for K-5 classroom teachers, SpEd, Title

8/19 Wednesday Collaboration-art room-BIP Action steps for specials

8/19 Wednesday Collaboration-ECC-PreK agenda

8/20 Tornado Drill 3:00

8/20 Thursday K-5 Team Meetings: BIP Action Steps

8/21 Fall Pictures!

8/21 Lock Down Drill 3:00

Leave Form and MLP

Don't forget to fill out the electronic leave form for the FOSS Science Kit Training Day for your grade level if you are a classroom teacher (plus Tracy and Christy)

Don't forget to sign up for your training day in My Learning Plan. Mark your lesson plan book and calendar, so you don't forget to make sub plans!

We must collect from everyone...

  • Student Handbook verification page
  • Enrollment form
  • Health form
  • Technology Usage form
  • Title I Compact (Renee and Courtney will be delivering to K-3 teachers)
  • Meal Form (Janet will help manage this one)

You need to keep a record of who has turned these in and remind, remind, remind parents to return them! If you need more copies, ask in the office.

Lewis Elementary

Hashtags to use and follow:

#essdexcels (show how your students are achieving)

#essd40pd (showcase of ESSD prof dev for staff)