Northern Flood .

Uttarakhand Disaster.

Looking Behind the Disaster- When , Where And Why.

It all started on 14th June when Uttarakhand received the beginning of a huge rainfall which lasted till 17th June 2013. The Benchmark mark of rainfall was above 375 percent.

A multiday cloudburst ,centered on the state of Uttarakhand which caused floods and landslide.

Do Man Need to be Guilty?

Uttarakhand disaster have been officially termed a natural calamity. However the true causes of the epic disaster is growth of tourism, unchecked rapid increase of roads, hotels, shops ,and multistory housing in ecologically fragile areas and unplanned constructions are the reasons for the landslides. Also rapid growth of hydroelectricity dams that disrupt water balances and this also triggered the action of disaster. More than 220 power and mining projects are running in 14 river valleys of Uttarakhand.

Several rivers are being diverted through tunnels for these projects leading to major disasters in the state. Deforestation is also the main reason for the landslide.

Uttarakhand Flood 2013 All Video Scenes

Historical Significance Troubled by the Flood

To the Rescue

The Army, Air Force, Navy, Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), Border Security Force, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), Public Works Department and Local Administration worked together for the quick rescue. The Army deployed 10,000 soliders and 11 helicopter for the rescue operations. The Navy had sent 45 naval divers , and the Air Force had deployed 43 aircrafts including 36 helicopters. ITBP soliders distributed medicines to stranded pilgrims. Local People distribute food to rescued pilgrims near IAF base camp in Dharasu. From 17th june 30 june the soldiers and IAF lifted a total of 18,424 people.

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