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Most women are unhappy with the way their breasts look. Either they are small or too large and therefore uncomfortable. Hence they feel inhibited to confidently move around in public in general and at work and social gatherings in particular. If you are one of those women who happen to suffer from some sort of inferiority complex because of your oversized or undersized breasts, you are more than welcome to Dr. David Alessi’s well-known institute for facial and plastic surgery at Beverley Hills.

Contrary to popular belief, breast treatments are not for women only. There is a medical condition called Gynecomastia, which is the cause of some men having large breasts. Men who suffer because of this dreadful condition may require breast surgery as well.

There was a time when people felt depressed and morale was low caused by such abnormalities, but because of innovative surgical techniques surgeons are better equipped to treat any similar deformities in relation to breasts. Through breast surgery confidence is restored in an amazing way, by repairing defects and abnormalities in breasts. For women in particular, breast surgery isthe everlasting cure for abnormal and deformed breasts. Feminine pride and confidence is restored as breasts can be great looking again through breast surgery.

To help women who are affected by breast related problems, Dr. Alessi has commissioned Dr. Ghada Y. Afifi, an experienced breast surgeon in her own right for the execution of all breast surgeries and enhancements at the Alessi Institute. Her achievements as an expert breast surgeon with proven results are extremely gratifying for each and every patient who is under her treatment. There are many surgical procedures for breasts available at Dr. Alessi’s institute and Face Forward Organization.

Breast Augmentation is a procedure to correct asymmetrical breasts through breast implants orby using silicone gelto improve the cleavage of the breasts and make it voluminous again which may have drooped due to pregnancy or weight loss.

Breast Reduction is the opposite procedure of breast augmentation where excessively large breasts are as troublesome and traumatic as having abnormally small breasts or breasts that are not in shape or alignment. Confidence could be ruined which in turn could be a cause of disruption of daily activities. As a solution to this problem, the recommendation of Alessi Institute is breast reduction. Through this surgical procedure excess tissue and skin is removed from the breasts so as to enable normalization of the breasts.

Breast Liftis another common issue with breasts that females encounter post pregnancy or weight less. The appearance of the breasts is negatively affected and crushes the confidence of a woman. Should any woman face this problem, then it is recommended that a breast lift be used. At Dr. Alessi’s institute, patients having breasts that sag would feel energized again, as their path breaking methods lifts breasts by doing away with excess skin and enhancing them to the position that they should be in.

Breast Reconstruction is a procedure used by women often after mastectomy by either using implants or surgical procedures like skin flap.

Male Breast Reduction is a procedure which aims at achieving to reduce male breast sizes either by liposuction or by using surgical excision.