Allie E. 7-3375

The Sport I Love

Softball is my favorite sport. It requires hard work, cooperation, determination, and teamwork. I love playing on a team and being interdependent. It was an Olympic sport, and is played worldwide. There is a USA team. My favorite position is pitcher, but I also play first base.
20 Angels in the Outfield Tournament.m4v

Olympic Softball

Softball was removed from the Olympics after 2008. I know I am not alone when I say I would like softball to be restored. It is a very well known, popular sport. Many girls had dreams of playing softball in the Olympics. People hope it will be restored in 2020. I hope so, too!

Softball vs. Baseball

Softball and baseball are very similar. However, there are some differences. More girls play softball, and more boys play baseball. Also, baseball pitch is thrown overhand, whereas softball pitchers throw underhand. The fields are also different. Baseball fields have grass in the canter of the infield. Softball infields are completely dirt.


Audio Recording on Friday morning by Studenttwo