Summer Intensive 2013

presented by The Performers Ballet & Jazz Company

June 3-21, 2013

The mission of the Performers Summer Intensive Dance Workshop is to present to young dancers an intensive training experience with a foundation in classical ballet, administered by professionals selected for their excellence in teaching. The Performers Ballet & Jazz Company is determined to offer an excellent program of high quality instruction at all levels. We provide curriculum with a coherent structure and enough excitement to energize student dancers for the entire year. A rigorous schedule of classes offers the opportunity for serious young dancers to achieve as much as a year’s worth of progress in a short period of time.

For ages 7-Professional, with classes offered in classical ballet, pointe, variations, contemporary, jazz, lyrical and more.

Level 4: 5 days a week; 6 hours per day Monday-Friday
Level 3: 5 days a week; 5 hours per day Monday-Friday
Level 2: 5 days a week; 4 hours per day Monday-Friday
Level 1: 4 days a week; 3.75 hours per day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Faculty Includes:

World class training in Albuquerque, NM. Propel your dance training to the next level!

For Registration, Schedules and Pricing, visit our website,

Workshop held at Alwin School of the Dance.

For audition or other information, please call the Workshop Administrator, Jeanne Grazier at (505) 294-5071 or send an email