King George V

by Amy

King George was more than just a king, he was a well known man to all the British people.

During World War I, King George was a very important role model to the citizens of Britain and the Commonwealth.

He became next in line for the throne after his brother, Prince Albert Victor, passed away.

He supported his soldiers by regularly going to the Western Front and visited military hospitals to see the wounded.

In 1915 he was on his way to Paris when his horse rolled on top on him and crushed his pelvis. He found himself in pain for the rest of his life.

He became very close with the people in his kingdom and treated them the same as anyone else in royalty. Many people loved the way he ruled through his dull, but steadfast, personality, so he was king until January 20, 1936 when he died of Pleurisy, Pulmonary disease, and old age.