southeast by hunter

region lesson

Stop 1: Coal mine in Appalachia

This is a coal mine so big you could fit a gym inside here. Lots of gems, coal and stone that can be seen in the mine; it's an amazing sight. On the tour, you can ride a mine cart and get up close views of cool rock formations and astounding gems to mine, including gold and diamonds.

Stop 2: Oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico

Once they had a big spill that killed tons of animals and covered some in oil

foods eaten

States of Southeast

Florida, North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Alabama

and a little mining video thank you YouTube

Mining Diamond - Minecraft Animations


The Cotton Plantation in Natchez, Mississippi is huge, filled with soft cotton. You can even walk up and pick your own cotton. Rub it against your face, it feels like a pillow.