Proper Work Attire

Keeping you and others safe.

Be your best at work and don't get hurt.

Following safety guidelines will help keep you safe. Being safe, will help you and others be productive at the workplace. If you see a co-worker not following proper dress code please remind him/her the dress code and how it will effect him/her and others in the workplace.

But why is it so important to dress in such a proper manner?

Well there is many reasons to!

  • You could hurt yourself
  • You could hurt others
  • You could damage or break equipment
  • You could get hung on something and tear your clothes
  • And you want to look presentable
  • If wearing some type of neck wear you could choke yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

But what if my job is a blue collar job?

Follow your dress code, most all jobs have a dress code and its there for a reason.

Why is there a dress code?

Where people can be a little more safe. Dressing the right way isn't going to make you completely safe, but it will help.

But what if I have to wear is uncomfortable?

Safety is more important, than being comfortable.

Safety First

Remember dress code isn't the only thing you must follow but it will help you stay protected in the workplace.