Reasons For Seasons

By Bailey Tompkins

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Earths seasons/positions

Earth has seasons because of earth revolution around the sun ,which takes 365.25 days for one revolution. Another thing that causes seasons is Earth's tilt. seasons occur in curtain position earth is in during the revolution.the Sean's in the specific positions are shown above

Earth's tilt

As I said before earth causes season.earths tilt is 23.5 degrees. The Tilt away from the sun cause colder seasons. When the sun is closer to the tilt it's the hotter seasons. For example a light is going to be brighter if you are close to what you are shinning the light on, it also is brighter if you point the light straight. So more direct light makes it hotter, and with earths tilt earth doesn't get as hot.

Earth orbits?

Earth orbits around the sun counter clockwise
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The norther and Southern Hemisphere go through different seasons at different times. When is it winer in the northern hemisphere? Well what about the Southern Hemisphere? We'll this picture blow is going to show you what position earth is in when both hemispheres receive a different season.
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