My Year at a Glance


About me...

Im very spontanious, and I adore the world. I used to sing as a hobby, but I had to stop because the world started taking all my time, however I still sing all the time, just not on stage. I try to make the most out of everything, yet sometimes fail. I would do anything to be with my friends all the time! I may come off as snooty, or even rude, but once you get to know me, i'm quite awesome.

Dream Vacation?

If money and time wasnt a problem, I would go everywhere! Explore the world! When I go on a vacation, after a few days of being there it gets boring because I have already done everything there is to do there. Although if I was to stay in once place for a day or two, then go somewhere else; there is no other vacation I would rather.

Reflection of this year

I ran track all year, and absolutley loved it! I ran the 400 meter dash for a few track meets, and then moved up to a faster pase, and ran the 200, then finally, on the last tack meet I ran the 100 meter dash and won first place! I really enjoyed this track year because i met a few new people, and pushed myself like never before. I adore running, it gives me a feeling of achievement like nothing else. Sad to say i wont be doing it next year to focus on my school work, but i will forever remember my sophomore track season! <3
If I had to give advice to the next sophomores, I would say nothing more than Enjoy the momories. Cause thats all they will be in a wont remember details, or who said what... you will remember how you felt all year, and the new people you have met, and all the wonderful memories that you have made. Im not saying that you will miss it, because most wont; but you will be glad you have memories of your sophomore year. So enjoy it, and make the most of what you have right now.
Love Song for a Savior - Jars of Clay