Courage Is The Key

Alice C. 6-7

Development of Theme Analysis

The characters interact with the conflict to develop the theme because Kevin(Freak) and Max have different characteristics that interact with the conflict. For example, when Kevin comes to save Max from Killer Kane, Kevin's characteristics interfere with Kane's evil plan, through courage. Another example is when they're both being chased by Tony D. and Kevin's smart characteristics, and Max's cooperation get them out of the conflict. Therefore, the theme develops during the conflicts and the characterization of Max and Kevin.

Reflection and Application of Theme

My theme was "Courage is the key to pushing through hard times." I agree with it because all of the characters in this book showed courage and some almost died showing it. I think the author developed the theme well because whenever there was trouble, someone showed courage. For example, Loretta Lee came to rescue Max, even though he was never her friend, and that Killer Kane might come down and chuck the life out of her, which he did after, but she at least tried to help Max from a murderer and that takes COURAGE!!! People today still show courage. Lots of courage like going to war, or doing something that you know you might not end up living. Even little amounts of courage, like being in a play, or meeting a new friend, or going to a new school, all of which that count. These acts are acts of courage and bravery.

Visual Representations of Theme

Title of Book and Author Name

Title of Book and Author Name

First, Max is this super big dude who is fourteen, and lives with his Gram and Grim, cause his dad is in prison, and his mom is dead. Then, this kid Freak (Kevin) moves in who has stopped growing, super smart, and has a walking disability. They become friends and go on lots of different adventures together. Freak keeps having these seizures and its super scary. Then, Max gets kidnapped by his dad, and then these two old, drunk people (whom they met earlier) come and try to save them, but the lady gets choked to death, so Freak comes and saves Max from him, and after that, they have a good time until Freak has his last seizure. Ever. They try to do surgery, but his heart was to big for his body, so Freak died. All of these characters showed courage in many ways.


By: Rodman Philbrick