Child Hunger

By Parker Robertson

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child hunger needs to stop, every day kids go to bed hungry. The effects of child hunger are sad, they could have bad health, impediments to economic growth, and a lot more. Causes of child hunger is not great, they could be poverty, lack of clout, etc. Some ways we can prevent child hunger are donate or volunteer at your local food bank, you could also organize a food drive.

first the effects of child hunger. One of the biggest effects of child hunger is health issues. “They are 2 ½ times more likely to have poor health.” Second is the cause of child hunger. One cause is poverty. Third is preventing child hunger. “One way we could prevent child hunger is to organize a food drive.”


Positive Ideas

1: have a saying on a hamburger which is in a mouth.

2: draw a picture of a kid that has food in front of him and is happy.

3: kids having a picnic with a statistic on the poster.

4: kids eating with family.

5: kids happy with statistic.

Negative Ideas

1: have a statistic in some type of food.

2: have a kid look sad with no food.

3: kids on the streets hungry.

4: kids alone without food.

5: kids are sad.


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