Henry Ford Model T

by: Eric Scheffler II

Henry Ford

Henry Ford was a thinker a man that wanted to make car for everyone not just the rich but in his time there was no such thing. One day Ford sat down with Charles Sorenson and told him this "We're going to get a car now that we can make in great volume and get the prices way down"
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The Model T

in about a year they were working on the Model T. Finally in 1908 Ford introduced it to the public. The qualities made the Model T immensely popular in just 18 years the Model T sold 15 million.
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The assembly line

In order of ford to meet the demand cheaply he made The assembly line. The Assembly line is a way to make one man do one thing over and over again so that means inserted of one man making one car at a time men can work together to make many cars done.
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