How do they work ?

Why are touchscreens so popular ?

Touch screen phones have become the latest phone to have, It is easy to use a touch screen. These phones do not make you clumsy because you do not have to press a button many times. So apart from a touch screen phone looking good, it is easy to operate as well.

You can do many tasks with this technology. You can play music, make calls and send messages, capture an image, explore websites, play a video and many more. The touch screen technology has added sophistication to the world of mobile phones. Many companies have affordable models.

How does a touchscreen work ?

To interact with a device with a touchscreen panel, you apply pressure on specific locations on the screen. The pressure-sensitive technology recognizes a tap on the screen, and translates it into a command for the device to perform a function.As the technology advances, people may be able to operate computers without mice and keyboards because of its convenience.

A typical touch screen has LEDs and sensors positioned around its outer edges, creating an invisible infrared grid that enables the precise position of a touch to be determined.

Touchscreen Devices

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