Hermann Goring

Overview Of Holocaust

The holocaust was a devastating time for the Jews. Nazis gained control of Germany. Nazis went around killing others that weren't on their side nearly 6 million Jews were killed. Jews had to hide from others so that they wouldn't find them. The word Holocaust is a Greek word meaning sacrifice by fire.

Definition/Back ground Information

Hermann Goring was hitlers second I command. Full name is Hermann Wilhelm goring born January 1, 1893. As a little boy he loved the out doors. In 1914, Hermann joined the military school, but in 1922 he had gotten married to a girl named Carrie. Carrie was a married women already and had 1 kid when she meet him she saw Hermann as a hero. Later she has divorced her husband and married him. ( pg 7-12 )

Original Reasearch Question

The year of 1932, is when Nazis threw the largest party know to man in the Reichstag. Goring was elected president for the reichstag for the house of representatives.. He was oppostitioning to the Nazi legislation when the influenced important contact named president Paul Von Hindenburg. He was also the chief German in world war 1. Herman had despised Hitler by 9132. He had destroyed he Nazi party to make a change. ( pg 7- 12 ) In the moth of July 30, 1934 Goring claimed the organization SA was planning to kill him along with Hitler. That night the SS and the Gestapo ( secret state police and against the Nazi party) both arrested and murdered the SA. Then again to surprise rather than call for another election on the day of August 2, 1934 president Hindenburg had died. Hitler on the other hand decided to take his own power to give it to himself to take control. Nazis had gone through Germany breaking into Jewish stores, businesses, and beating and killing any Jews they could get. Hitler and Goring came together after being enemies to launch an air plane invasion into England but the plane unfortunately failed. Hitler had turned on Goring once again. Goring wanted to have peace and to e able to get along with Britain but Hitler as always was against it. On October 15, 1946 Hermann Goring dies committing suicide. ( pg 30 - 102 )


Robert Jackson is an American prosecutor summed up Hermann Goring's career

" He was half man half gangster. He stuck up a pudgy finger in every pie. He equally adept at massacring opponents and at the framing scandals to get rid of stubborn generals. He built up the Luftwaffe and hurled it at his defenseless neighbors, he was among the fore most in haring Jews out of the land "



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