Okavango Delta

Botswanna, Africa

Where is Okavango Delta

It's in the lower middle of Africa and its in Botswana, Africa.


Seasons are opposites here, winter is April through September and summer is October through March.

It's an amazing place for tourists.

Human Influences

Poaching but some reserves are keeping animals safe like the white rhinos who are becoming extinct as well as the cheetahs are.


Them most common plats are the papyrus fringes, the devil claws, and water lilies.

Physical Landscape

It's a delta and shaped like a fan shape there is a lot of water and a couple little islands. Kind of rocky. There are lots of sand places with lots of dust and sand where mostly elephants go after they take a bath in water.


It's very beautiful and lots of animals and tourists. People also come to see/cross The 4th Bridge at Moremi. They also go on safaris and get close up on animals and some of the animals like cheetahs will actually sit on top of the jeep with them and people can some times pet the animals.

critical issues

Poaching and hunting the animals.There are to many hunters and poachers killing the animals for skin and even capturing them to sell for money and as pets.
By: Dylan Clayton and Grant Little