Asheville Primary School

APS Family Connection 10/7/2020


This month we will dive into the book, Recess Queen by Alexis O'Neill. We will focus on communication and how we can help keep it safe on our own playgrounds, in our classrooms, and our neighborhoods.

Mean Jean was Recess Queen and nobody said any different.
Nobody swung until Mean Jean swung.
Nobody kicked until Mean Jean kicked.
Nobody bounced until Mean Jean bounced.

If kids ever crossed her, she'd push 'em and smoosh 'em
lollapaloosh 'em, hammer 'em, slammer 'em
kitz and kajammer 'em.

Until a new kid came to school!

Parents and teachers will appreciate the story's deft handling of conflict resolution (which happens without adult intervention).

"A lively story about the power of kindness and friendship" -- Publishers Weekly

"A lighthearted look at a serious topic in schools and on playgrounds everywhere..." -- School Library Journal

"Great for reading aloud and joining in." -- Booklist

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Dates to Remember

  • October 13 starting at 5:00 - Virtual Town Hall Meeting
  • October 14 - Early Dismissal for Parent Teacher Conferences. Preschool will dismiss at 12:00.
  • October 15 - Parent Teacher Confernce Day and Virtual Day. Required Teacher Workday for Preschool.
  • Week of October 19 - Nov. 1 - Online Fall Book Fair
  • October 26 - Required Teacher Workday
  • November 3 - Election Day - Preschool: Required Teacher Workday. Montessori - Virtual School Day (More info to come.)
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What's Happening in Preschool??

Preschool children are investigating Trees! This week topis is: What are the characteristics of the trees in our community? Children will be taking walks on the school grounds to look at and explore the trees around our school community. At home, explore the trees in your community and discuss the characteristics you notice. Use your senses to explore the trees around you.

What's Happening in ECE?

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What's Happening in Lower El? Check out our Online Division Board work:

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