The Good Side

Breanna McLaughlin

Some Stuff You Should Know

I've went through a lot and decided to share a few major events but before i get started I'm going to tell you a little summary of myself.

I was born in Catawba, North Carolina, this is where I lived for about a year of my life. Then on my first birthday my mother and I moved to Rothenburg, Germany, where my mother grew up, when we got there we had nothing or pretty close to it. But we moved to be with my great grandpa before he passed. When I was about 7, we came back to the USA, and lived in Kentucky for 8 years. The transition was hard because my first language is German and I had to learn English. After all the programs i was tossed around in, I finally can speak good English. At the age of 15, we moved back to North Carolina and I've been here ever since and accomplished a lot of my goals and made it far in life.


I graduated from University of North Carolina Charlotte, with a major in Computer Security and a minor in Computer Technologies, when I was 23. I worked hard, studied hard and pass all my classes with all A's. I was strict with my free time activities. With parties, I didn't get to carried away. In fact, I stayed away from parties. When i graduated, I went on to become something amazing.

Getting The Job!

When I graduated, I looked for a while, then found the perfect job. When I was hire on at Check Point, I worked hard to keep my job and to handle my job professionally. I got my first promotion in about a year of being at Check Point. From that point on, I worked my way up until I was Vice-President of the company. After a few years, I found the love of my life.

Happily Married!

I got married and I knew my life was almost complete. ALMOST perfect. I married an Army Advanced Infantry/Marksman. He was gone a lot but I was thankful for the time I did get to spend with him. A few years down the road, I got pregnant, my life was about to be perfect, but three months before I was due, my husband was shipped over seas. I waited and waited...alone. But Kaleb was about to be born, my husband walked in, still in his uniform, and stood by me as Kaleb was introduced in this world. I had two more kids and went on with my perfectly imperfect life.

Retirement and After the Fact!

When I retired at age 66, Kaleb and the girls were off enjoying their own lives and my husband had been retired for almost 6 years. On my free time, I started writing and trying to get published. I was denied a lot of times before my first book was actually published. Now, I write and make extra money on the side through book sells. My Life Is Perfect!