Friday, January 15 PD

1:10-3:00 early dismissal for students


All Sessions in the High School Library

1:10-1:40 PSAT Results

1:40-2:20 Ipads and Apple TV

  • What apps are people using?
  • App Share from Neil--Imovie, Haiku Deck, Prezi, Keynote, Animoto, Doodle Calc
  • Using Ipads for a class competition (Make it Fun)
  • Apps for High School
  • Apple TV Refresher--How to use it
  • Multi-Task lesson with Apple TV and Smartboard

2:20-3:00 SLO's

  • What are they and why should we do them?
  • Who else uses them?
  • How will they impact my instruction?
  • Look at template--I will email this later in the week.
  • Talk at your table about how this might improve your instruction
  • Our Plan--Creating a SLO for a unit we are teaching in the 3rd marking period.
  • SLO's Handouts from MASSP
  • Example SLO's from MASSP