Feliz Navidad!

y Feliz Año Nuevo!!!

Mexican Christmas Traditions

One of the most celebrated holidays around the world is Christmas, but in Mexico, we like to do things a bit differently. Christmas here in Mexico, or in any Hispanic family, is celebrated with posadas, rosarios, but instead of celebrating just for one day, we celebrate up to 30 days! CRAZY RIGHT? Well Let me just inform you of what this Mexican Christmas is all about.
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Mexican Christmas


Las Posadas is a Hispanic celebration re-enacting of Mary and Joseph's search for lodging in Bethlehem. Las Posadas are held nine days before Christmas, the nine-days represents the nine months of pregnancy that Mary had with baby Jesus. This Mexican tradition has been active for nearly 400 years.
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Nochebuena (Christmas Eve)

While in American Culture Christmas is celebrated by feasting on turkey, in Hispanic tradition, Mexicans celebrate earlier during Christmas Eve, or in this case Nochebuena. And instead of your regular turkey dinner, Hispanics feast on more Mexican cultural foods such as, tamales, posole, carne asada, etc etc, Might as well say you've gained 10 pounds after this Mexican feast.

- Religion

Most Mexican families who follow the Catholic religion attend to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve known as Misa De Gallo,

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Christmas In Mexico

Festivities begin in early December and end in the 6th of January with one related event in the month of February. During these times decorations such as poinsettias and even Christmas trees can be seen. During this time celebrations begin with those related to the Virgin Mary, the patroness of Mexico, followed by traditions such as Las Posadas, pastorelas, a mass and feast on Christmas Eve, the arrival of the Three Wise Men on January 6 ending with Candlemas and the presentation of what Mexicans called an image/doll which represents] Child Jesus at churches. These traditions are a mixture of remnants from the pre Hispanic period, Spanish traditions, traditions created during Mexico’s colonial period and later adaptations from German and U.S. Christmas traditions.
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Dia De Los Reyes

Dia De Los Reyes is celebrated on January 6 to represent the day the Three Wise Men. The Three Wise Men were magi's who went to search for Baby Jesus to give him gifts. Most of the Hispanic world celebrates what is known as El Dia De Los Reyes or what is known as the Epiphany in the English-speaking world.
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New Years in Mexico

On the last day of December, New Years Eve, It’s very traditional for Mexicans to eat 12 grapes at the moment that the countdown begins, This represents the 12 wishes to welcome the New Year. Sweeping outside of your house is also a Mexican tradition, this action is used to drive, or sweep, away the bad of the previous year.

Right when the time comes, where the clock hits 12 o'clock, fireworks go out, and the families say "Feliz Ano Nuevo!" and give eachother a big grand hug to celebrate the beginning of a New Year.

Celebrating Christmas Nativity with a Mexican Flair
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