The history of the great race

Made by Spencer Cover, Alivia Boddy

The leader of the sled

Mushers are the leaders of the sled during the race. They take many breaks along the race. They compete for money and other prizes such as a new truck. They take 2-8 hour rests. The mushers can not use drugs or achcohol during the race.It may take up to 20 days for mushers to complete this race.

History of the Iditarod

tThe iditarod or should i say the longest race in historey The race includes many challenging terrain courses and cold weather conditions. This means that the first race had to make the mushers prepare for the below freezeing tempatures. This means that the 16 dogs and the mushers have to train hard for the 1,100 mile race.
pictures of the iditarod

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Where the race takes place

This race takes place in Alaska where the tempatures are very cold and there is alot of snow and hard terrain. Also Alaska has long flat land for the dogs to run on the hard part for the dogs is that they have to climb through the deep snow. Also there are steep hills that the dogs have to climb up. This requires that everyone participating must where the right gear for the weather.

The History Of The Iditarod Race