Sticky Situation

Should chewing gum be allowed in schools? ..."Chews" a side.

Dirty & Messy

It's under your desk, the bench, and even in your hair. No one likes the feeling that comes from reaching under the table and touching chewed up gum. Schools have banned it for a reason, chewing gum gets everywhere and it can be distracting, this is why chewing gum should not be allowed in school.

In addition, gum is an unhealthy choice. "Gum is an unhealthy habit..." (To Chew or Not to Chew) and many doctors would agree. This sugary delight is said to be one of the top cavity causes and expert Richard Smith explained that even "healthy" gum has an ingredient called xylitol, which makes the gum good for your teeth, with the exception of it causing stomach aches and intestinal pain. Is all of that worth it just for fresh breath and "better" teeth that a simple toothbrush could fix? Like many other sweets, chewing gum will make your teeth decay, which many schools wouldn't want to promote.

Many would argue that "chewing gum may help students do better in school." and it enhances focus, but the fault in that is that instead of providing concentration, it actually distracts students. Numerous others would agree that if someone had a pack of gum in class, that person will instantly turn into the most famous kid in school. The process is annoying and can delay a class from starting, making it hard for teachers to get the attention of their students. Also, chewing gum in class can bother others, diverting them from their work. That being the case, schools should not let students chew gum during class.

Marie Fiemeyer

Period 2

Mrs. Groman

Q: Why did the Bubble Gum Cross the road?

A: ...Because it was stuck to the chickens foot.

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