The War is Killing Us

By, Gwen Saunders

This is a poem by an upset American sister on how her brother is being mistreated in war.

Dear Editor,

My brother went to war thinking of honor and that he would be glorified. As his letters came, his tone got lonely and depressed. He told stories of the horrific treatments and death of his fellow soldiers. He saw thousands of bodies blown to pieces, and innocent people suffering and dying. "How could they lie to me?", he wrote. "How could they be so wrong about war. They have trapped me". Right after this letter I got the news of his death. When they sent his body, he was in pieces. He was presented to me in a cheap plywood box, with no name, or no cross. How could they do this when they promised that they would take care of him! Is this what America has come to?

-A mad American sister of a fallen soldier

The Soldiers are Alone in This

You thought you'd be great

Going to war

But now you accept your fate

As your country closes its door

You thought they would be good to you

And celebrate your service

But now your standing there, when you didn't deserve this

Deserve this pain and dying

Knowing you wont be going home

Thinking about it and sighing

Knowing that your all alone

Pictures of the "Glorious War"