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Doublelinx Connects Customers with Service Providers Online

USA (May 6th, 2013) – Two factors have changed the way services are sought, bought and provided – the large number of freelance service providers and the Internet.

Doublelinx and its website at took those two factors and created a means whereby those needing services can get what they need from skilled and experienced service providers. It is a means of providing web marketing services safely and efficiently, to both the service purchaser and service provider.

While the Internet has provided a means, the reality of ordering marketing services and trying to sell quality work has been what some call a “mixed bag of awfulness and unreliability” because of the large number of so-called “freelancers.” It really has been akin to the “Wild, Wild West.”

Whether you need services for a single website or SEO across a dozen different URLs you own, Doublelinx makes it easier than ever to get the web marketing services you need. Sellers have a platform and a virtual space to advertise exactly the services they provide, and buyers can examine different profiles and purchase multiple services at once.

Doublelinx provides the security and safety to make sure sellers are paid and buyers get the products they need. Neither the seller nor the buyer will every have to worry about not being paid for work or paying for incomplete work ever again.

Doublelinx simply and efficiently takes uncertainty out of web marketing services with its unique escrow system. Money is put into a safe account that can be accessed only upon completion of work. Review histories and testimonials on the people you work with, so you know exactly what you are getting from a buyer or a seller. No more worrying about scams or unreliability—Doublelinx does the hard work for you.

Go to today and get started buying the web marketing services you need, or sell your digital marketing services to buyers who need your talent. It is a win-win for both sides in the new, Internet-driven economy.

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