Postpartum Health Alliance

Febuary 2016 Newsletter

PMADS Study Group

Friday, Feb. 26th, 12:30-2pm

5100 Marlborough Drive

San Diego, CA

After a hiatus, the PMADS study group is re-convening! Are you interested in learning more or gaining professional support around the treatment of PMADS? Mary L. Obata, M.A., MFT is holding a free study group for PHA members and clinicians on the topic of the prevention of postpartum depression. Please email if you are interested in attending!

Mark your Calendars for the Next Education Luncheon!

Friday, March 25th, 12-1:30pm

7061 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard

San Diego, CA

Men's Perinatal Health: Yes, It Exists, And What to Do About It

Danny Singley, PhD. will be presenting on paternal depression and mental health. Dr. Singley will provide us with the latest research on the topic and clinical insights from his experience treating this issue.

PHA's education luncheons are free for members.
Postpartum Support International's annual conference will be in our beautiful city this year. If you have never attended a PSI conference, you are missing out. Mark your calendars for June 24 and 25. The pre-conference certification training in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders will be June 22-23.

PMADs News and Medical Updates

PHA's Featured Spotlight of the Month

I Had Such Severe Postpartum Depression That I Was Afraid My Baby's Head Would Fall Off

New mom Elizabeth Broadbent writes........"The first step toward helping women with depression is to take away its stigma. I’m afraid to write this. I worry about its implications for my relationships, for my life. We’ve been taught that depression means you’re weak or crazy. We worry it makes us less of a mother. We have been shamed for the vagaries of brain chemistry, for the feelings we can’t fix. "

Read Elizabeth's full essay here!

PHA Wants to Hear from YOU!

Do you have a new moms group you would like others it know about? Are you doing something in your practice that you think other providers ought to know? If so, contact us at The PHA newsletter could be a great opportunity to spread the word and connect the community of those who support PMADS awareness.

Annual Renewal Notices Have Been Sent!

Membership renewal notices and reminders have been sent out from our Membership Chair, Jen Fisher, this past December 2015. Make sure to check your inboxes for your notice or renew here today!

The PHA Clinical List Serve

The PHA Clinical List serve is a benefit to PHA members only and is intended to provide immediate access to other providers for ease of referrals, appropriate promotion of services and support of each other with clinical questions and the sharing of ideas, articles and research. Amber Rukaj, LMFT and past president of PHA is moderating a Google group called PHA Clinical List-serve. If you are currently a member of PHA, you should receive an email inviting you to join the group. If you are not a current member of PHA, please make sure you have renewed your most recent membership to have access to this group. If you have not received an email invitation to the group, please notify Amber at

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