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MMA Fighter Can Make Money Tips by Albin Shaje

A lot of people want to know ways that a Mixed Martial Arts fighter makes money, and how much they make. This could be our of pure curiosity, or perhaps due to the growing popularity of MMA, there are a lot of potential fighters researching their options. Whichever the case, I decided to outline some of the ways that MMA fighters can make an income, and the potential earnings for each one. There are 5 main ways that MMA Fighters make an income: Fights, Endorsements, Owning a School, Seminars, and Appearances.


One of the main ways that an MMA fighter makes money is through their fights. Smaller promotions will pay between $500 - $800 per event for showing. Fighters may get an additional pay out for a win. As you get to the larger factions such as WEC, UFC, Strikeforce, etc. Fighters will get anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 for lower or middle card fighters. The big name fighters can make anywhere from $20,000 to over $200,000 per event. Some of this salary is based on PPV buys. The main event fighters usually get a portion of the PPV as opposed to a flat salary. Fighters can also receive incentive based bonuses. In a recent UFC event, Dana White announced pay outs of $25,000 for the "Knock Out of the Night" and $6,500 for anyone who won their match by submission. It was also reported that at UFC 95 each fighter received a $40,000 bonus for Fight, Submission and Knock Out of the Night.


Once again, the amount of money you receive depends on your popularity, status and frequency of fights. Beginning or lower card fighters will be lucky to get free equipment and apparell, while big name fighters receive cash payments and reasonably sized contracts to endorse and wear the manufacturer’s products. Middle card fighters will receive a small amount of cash in addition to freebies. The details of such contracts are typically not public information and finding even the littlest piece of information on the numbers is particularly difficult, however it has been reported that bigger names of the sport such as Randy Couture or Frank Mir have received endorsement contracts that are multi million dollar deals.

Owning A School

There are a decent amount of MMA fighters that are capilatizing on their popularity by opening up their own school, whether it be for Muay Thai, MMA or BJJ. Such names include Randy Couture, Matt Serra, Ricardo Almeida and even current The Ultimate Fighter contestant, Santino DeFranco. Depending on the size and popularity of the school, owner/instructors can make anywhere from $35,000 to over $250,000 a year. There is no doubt that these locations will be top of the line training facilities that will become cash cows for the company. albin shaje best information provider. To know more about albin shaje please visit here: -