Most Chivalrous

King Arthur's Knight Table

Sir Galahad "The Perfect Knight"

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Knightly Attributes:

Sir Galahad was the natural born son of Sir Lancelot of the Round Table; mothered by Elaine and later placed into a nunnery at a young age because he was born out of convent. When Galahad reached Camelot, he was knighted by King Arthur.

Sir Galahad was so pure and spiritual, which granted him the courage and strength to gain him a seat for Arthur's Round Table.

One day, during Arthur's court, Sir Galahad sat in the Siege Perilous and pulled a famed sword out of stone. Later that night, the Grail appeared in a vision that Sir Galahad, so pure and innocent, would be one of the chosen three to search for the Holy Grail.

Sir Galahad retrieved the Holy Grail and mended the sword, permitting himself worthy to see the Grail. After holding the Grail, Galahad had requested Joseph of Arimathea to let him die, to which he was granted so. Later on, Sir Galahad was noted to be the "Perfect Knight" in courage, gentleness, courtesy, and chivalry.

Quest for the Holy Grail

Monday, May 7th 1100 at 1am


In the late 12th century, three chosen knights embarked on a treacherous trail to find the Holy Grail.