July A Month in Review!


And the winner is.....

Wow! We had a huge $2300+ in sales club this month - truly amazing with a holiday, Hoopla and vacations, you all worked your tails off and it shows!!! Congrats to Courtney Shannon, Barb Fogel,Jessica Froning, Brittany Hauptman, Denise Hrudka, Lauren Langley, Dona Lanier, Madelon Lanier, Rosa Lindsey, Lindsey Martin-Nez,Abby Masinter, Nicole McNamee, Sally Neff, Mary Beth Shepherd and Tiffany Triplett!

Awesome Leaders

These ladies lead by example

I wanted to take a moment to shine the spotlight on two of our Star Stylists - Kim Powers and Mary Beth Shepherd. Kim recently quit her full time job to follow her passion, Stella & Dot. Scary - Hell yes!! I loved Kim's recent message to her team to follow their dream and work their biz to fit those dreams. She shared some of her words to say when making booking calls - we all get nervous, but to move your biz forward you have to take action! A huge round of applause to Mary Beth Shepherd whose team on the last day of the month was close but no cigar in reaching the Star status. Did she say boo hoo poor me? No!! She rallied her team through Facebook messaging getting everyone excited, reached out to her best sellers and encouraged her team to do so, even sold the new Bond Street tote twice - once out of her car. They brought in over $1000 in orders and hit their goal! What do these leaders have in common? They never give up! Every job has setbacks, you need to decide whether you will give up or brush yourself off and WRITE YOUR OWN HISTORY!

Courtney Shannon, Director

I am always here to help, call or text anytime!
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The beach is in our future!!!

July was a great month for our Glam Getaway Quickstart winners! Congrats to Courtney Shannon, Barb Fogel, Natalie Messmer, Sally Neff, Heather Sparks, Jessica Froning, Brittany Hauptman, Dona Lanier, Abby Masinter, Nicole McNamee, Kim Butler,Mary Beth Shepherd, Denise Hrudka, Madelon Lanier,Lauren Langley, Lindsay Martin-Nez, Cady Lee Price, Jessica Spang, Tiffany Triplett, Stephanie Viola, Brandy Burd and Rosa Lindsey. Unfortunately I can only see thru line 3 so I know I am missing a few others. Super impressive is Sally Neff and Madelon Lanier who both hit level already!!!!
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Promotions! Promotions! Promotions!!! Movin' On Up..

Congrats to Katie Dupps, Sara Filipski and Kim Sparks who promoted to Lead Stylist in July!