Glendale Yearbook Cover Contest

Due: Friday, November 15, 2019

Theme Option #1 You've Got A Friend In Me

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Theme Option #2 Relationships Matter

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The annual Glendale Yearbook Cover Contest is open to any student attending Glendale Elementary in grades 2-5. The winners will receive their drawings featured on either the front or back cover. Mrs. Guswiler will be introducing the cover contest in Art starting on November 4, 2019. All submissions are due no later than 3:50 on Friday, November 15, 2019 to Mr. Deris (room 211) or Mrs. Gus (art room). Yearbook cover submissions will not be returned.

You MUST have the following to be considered for either the cover contest:

  • Use 8.5x11 copy paper (not lined paper)
  • Include the text Glendale Elementary (big bold letters at the top is usually best)
  • Include the text 2019-2020 (big bold letters at the top is best)
  • Visually incorporate this year’s theme of You've Got A Friend In Me or Relationships Matter
  • Include your name and grade level (bottom right or left corner, small, neatly written)
  • Leave space for student photo (vertical rectangle) somewhere on your design. See image to the right...
  • Turn into Mr. Deris (room 211) or Mrs. Gus (art room) no later than 3:50 on Friday, November 15, 2019

If Drawing Toy Story Characters

In order for Lifetouch to sell and print copies of the selected yearbook cover images, all images of Toy Story characters on your drawing must be free drawn and not traced.

Helpful Tips:

  • Block letters are best
  • No color, only use a black thin tip marker or felt tip pen
  • Spell check ALL your words
  • Use all of the space provided
  • The most successful covers have some negative space
  • Avoid eraser marks
  • Draw big, zoom in
  • Be creative
  • Be original (don't copy something someone did in past years)
  • Students can collaborate (with up to 2 people)
  • Students may submit up to 4 designs
  • Students who make it to the final round will be asked to recreate their drawing on special paper with possible minor edits
  • Once the black and white cover is selected, Mr. Deris will work with the student to pick out colors for the cover that will be digitally colored by Lifetouch.

Previous Yearbook Covers


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Tom Deris

3rd Grade Teacher

Glendale Elementary