Success is a journey,

Not a destination


Interests- For my interests on kuder I got business finance, which is what I actually want to do in real life. It required a lot of education but had a good salary and would be worth it in the long run.

Skills- For my skills I got professional support services. This involves educational support and teaching new skills to others.

Work Values- My work value was income, which goes with the high salary of business finance. Since my team skills entail being calm and controlled, I will do well at handling other people's money.

Career Research

The three careers I was most interested in were chief executives, lawyers, and economists. They all met my criteria and they sounded like they would be a good fit for how I am. The outlook on all of them was an increase and they all had some kind of certification required, justifying the need for me to go to college.

Brain Hemisphere and Team Type

I am right brained! I am creative, fun-loving, adventurous, impulsive, witty, and spontaneous. I love competitive sports, I do things on a whim, and I enjoy just having fun. I work better in groups, and I am better at supporting and analyzing rather than leading. I enjoy helping others, and I am calm and controlled. These things also work well with my skills and interests.

Oklahoma University

OU is a very good, reputable school that is number one in freshman national merit scholars enrolled out of all the public schools in the nation. It is also a major contributor to the finance world with over 130 with articles in major finance magazines. A recent study in the Journal of Finance Literature ranked two of its present faculty members as being among the 50 most prolific authors in the top seven finance journals. No other public university in the Big 12, Big 10, or SEC could match this record. This shows that OU truly is a good financial school and would be a good place for me to go to school.