Mrs. Moldovan's Class

By Mrs. Moldovan's Third Grade Class

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Mrs. Molodovan

By Yostina

Mrs. Moldovan is an amazing teacher! She always has new games for us, and they are really fun! Honestly, I really like when she is funny because when she is funny, she is REALLY funny. And when she teaches, she tries her best for us to understand.

Mrs. Moldovan is a grandma, and she has more than one daughter or son (I don't know all of their names). Mrs. Moldovan has a granddaughter named Wednesday, and she talks about her all the time!

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Our Class

By Katia

Mrs. Moldovan's class likes to color and to do free time. During free time they like to draw, do math games and they like to do technology. Our class likes to do math. We like to read.

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by Karin & Leslie

In math, we are learning about measurement. Today we made a tissue into a ball and threw it and saw how long the tissue went, and we counted how long by doing a heel-toe. And another thing we did in math is fractions. Fractions are like division and making things equal, like you and your brother, want pizza, and you have to figure out how to make it equal, so you cut it in half, then you have an equal piece for yourself and your brother. And that is what we did in my class!

Las matemáticas son como ciencias lo que ayuda a los alubnos también nos ayuda a entender las multiplicasiones también las sumas y las restas.

Mathematics is like science, which helps students. It also helps us understand multiplication, addition, and subtraction.

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By Kendryk

Our class writes about math and uses it later when we need to because Mrs. Moldovan makes us write about math so we can learn and use the strategies for that we can use it on a math paper that will make us use the same strategy. I like writing because it can improve our handwriting. I like writing because it's fun to write you can learn from it like when you write about math you can use those strategies to do a math question. I like when we free-write because I wrote about what I'm gonna do for the summer like go fishing writing is fun when you can write your own true story or imaginary story. Our teacher loves to write she likes to write because its easier to write what you wrote and its easier to communicate

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By Isaac

Our class recently finished Make way for Dyamonde Daniel. Now we are reading because of Winn Dixie. It is about a girl who gets a dog and because of the dog new things happen!

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by Angel

In Oregon history, we learn about the food, where they lived, and what tribes there are in Oregon. We learned about treaties. The government sold the land where tribes lived, and they tried to get it back.

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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

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