Coastal Vacations home business

Home Business and Travel Discount Opportunity

About Coastal Vacations home business

Coastal Vacations is a home business opportunity and travel discount program that arose out of the timeshare industry. Traditionally, timeshare companies sold wholesale and taxes-only vacations to prospects who declined to purchase a share. In 1995, an entrepreneur carried this model away from the timeshare system and established an independent business. Since that time, Coastal Vacations has nurtured relationships with 100 well-established travel agencies and discount programs to offer their deals to its members. The company currently serves a membership of more than 400,000 individuals living in more than 200 countries around the world.

Coastal Vacations membership is available in three packages, from the classic membership to the platinum combo package. All members receive 25 discount membership cards as well as more than 30 bonus vacations, though the level of amenities available and the number of international destinations increase with advancing levels. In addition, members may choose to become directors and resellers who use their knowledge of the program to offer its savings to potential new customers. To date, successful members of this cohort have earned feature mention in industry publications for their successful marketing of the program.