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What's new this month? November 1, 2015

Get to know me

Hello, I am Miss. Roslyn Gainey and my passion is working with students of a second grade level. I am originally from Charlotte, North Carolina and always grew up helping others learn, whether it would be in choir, or even when I was younger in many Art classes, teaching was always my passion and what I tend do very well. I enjoy leading others and helping them in the best way that I can. I definitely have a creative side, being an artist, and also enjoy exploring learning modalities that can be fun and exciting for students; allowing them to discover their own creative side. As a homeroom teacher I am able to teach all the core subject however, I specialize in Art. Students of the second grade level will be able to experiment with their own creativity and be able to discover skills that they might not have known they have. I enjoy working with this specific age as they develop into critical thinkers that are able to think outside the box. My goal is to aid in this new thinking process so that students can gain comfort and awareness of their own abilities and see the unique creativity that each of them has.

Let's talk Science!

Learning about Life cycles in Mrs. Gainey's second grade class.

Hello parents! This week is going to be an exciting week for students because they will be learning about the different life cycles of various organisms. The concentration will be primarily a focus on butterflies, with a small introduction also to the life cycles of fish, and frogs.

The purpose for examining a butterfly, fish, and frog is because the stages at which they go through changes in their life are relatively similar.

In this lesson the students will be enhancing their comprehension skills, learning how to correctly organize information, recall important facts, and analyze stories. The students will also complete an in-class worksheet which will be concluded after our discussion on life cycles.

The students also have an in-class project and will be creating the life cycle of a butterfly in which they will be using specific materials including gummy worms and color pencils. All the materials are already provided and when the students have completed their project, they will be able to take it home.

Social Studies: Celebrate Freedom Week!

This month we will be celebrating freedom week in which students will be learning about the country’s origins. We will also look at very important historical figures, and celebrate the founding documents of our country.

This is celebrated on veterans week to emphasize to students the importance of equality, freedom, liberty, patriotism, and valor. Students will complete an assignment on which they will choose to draw a picture representing one of the core beliefs-(equality, or freedom)-as mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. The students will create their own interpreted drawing of one of the words, and they will each have the opportunity to explain their drawing and what it means to them.

Topics of mention:

* The United States Constitution

* The Declaration of Independence

* Citizens Rights/the meaning of Freedom

* National Symbols

* Historical figures/Presidents

Spelling Bee!

How well can second grade spell? As a way to encourage students to learn to spell their words correctly, our class will be having a little spelling bee next week on Wednesday, November 12. There will be three prizes for the three students who make it to the final round of the spelling bee. Every student will receive a prize for participating, but the final three students will receive awards dedicated to the order of which place they make it to. As in, a 2nd place prize, a 1st place prize, and a grand prize. The prizes range from two homework passes, a large bag of assorted candies, and a pack of one hundred water balloons.

If any of these prizes are of interest to your child, then they should be encouraged to practice spelling the list of words which will be given to them Monday of this week. The more they practice, the more likely they are going to be one of the three students to win one of the top three prizes!

Dress up, and Have fun!

The entire school will have the opportunity to participate in dress up day! This upcoming Tuesday, November 4th, is dedicated for the students to dress up as their favorite character from their favorite book. Dress up is optional, but students do need to bring their favorite book with them to school for our in class activity and so they can share it with the class.

For language arts, students will be able to tell everyone why the character they are dressed up as is their favorite, and why the book they chose to bring is their favorite book.

Report Cards

Report cards are going to be issued on Thursday, November 20th, which is just before thanksgiving break! The report cards are going to show your child’s academic progress and grades they are making in each of their classes. Depending on the grades of your child, it can be an indicator of any subject areas that your child is excelling in, or possibly having trouble with.

In any case if your child is struggling with any subject there are many ways to monitor your child’s progress and see that they get the help they need in order to show improvement. Tutoring is available, and if you are curious about your child’s academic progress and performance in the class you are welcome to schedule a parent teacher conference. My office hours are shown on the back of this newsletter so feel free to schedule a visit about any of your questions or concerns!

Math, math, and yes more math!

This week, our focus on math is specifically to review fractions and decimals. The students will be receiving one worksheet each Tuesday and Thursday with various types of fraction and decimal problems.

It would be very helpful if the students could practice reviewing these math problems at home so that they can be more than ready to tackle the new problems we work with for the following day.

In class we will be reviewing through the use of math flashcards and the students will mainly be completing decimal addition as well as identifying fraction parts, and wholes. However, it is encouraged that they practice their math problems everyday because next Monday, November 10th, there will be an upcoming quiz over math problems similar to those that they will be completing on their daily worksheets.

Thanksgiving Project & Party

As we know, this is the month of thanksgiving. Before thanksgiving break the students will have a project in which they will be creating a thanksgiving turkey. The turkey will be made in the shape of each individual student’s hand. There will be a variety of materials for each student to use and if any parents are interested in bringing in materials, you are welcomed to do so. I will also be sending home a materials list this week of what would be great for the students to use for this project.

As part of the project we will also be discussing the history that is rooted with thanksgiving, including the traditions associated with the holiday. Also students will be able to write about something they are thankful for.

Following our turkey project we will also be having a thanksgiving party and each student is encouraged to bring in a thanksgiving type of food of their own choice to the party. The food item can be whatever is common for the student to eat around thanksgiving time in their family, and you are more than welcomed to join your child at the party!

Parent Volunteers!

If any parents are interested in volunteering to help out with the organization and setting up for the party, please contact me and let me know. All help is welcomed!

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