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The sport of bobsledding was invented in the 1860's by the Swiss. The first bobsled club was founded in St. Moritz, Switzerland in 1897. The four-man bobsled was in the 1924 Olympics, then 8 years later at the 1932 Olympics, the two-man bobsled was added. The two-woman bobsled race wasn't added until 2002.
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The Bobsleigh




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    a mechanically steered and braked sled, typically manned by crews of two or four, used for racing down a steep ice-covered run with banked curves.

USA Win 4-Man Bobsleigh Gold - Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

When you can see it...

Two-man Bobsleigh
  • Sun., Feb. 16 @ 10:15 AM
  • Mon., Feb 17 @ 8:30 AM

Women's Bobsleigh

  • Tues., Feb 18 @ 9:15 AM
  • Wed., Feb. 19 @ 10:15 AM

Four-Man Bobsleigh

  • Sat., Feb. 22 @ 10;30 AM
  • Sun., Feb 23 @ 3:30 AM

Cory Butner-USA Men's Bobsledding Team

Cory Butner started bobsledding in the year 2007. He was push athlete and helped Napier to the 2009 National Championship title. He became a driver in the 2009-2010 season and is now one of the nation's top drivers. He is ranked number three on the FIBT 2012-2013 ranking list as a driver.
World Cup 2012 Bobsleigh 4-Man: Race 1, USA 3


Bobsled racers wear helmets, driver's wear goggles, their uniform is made out of spandex like material, some drivers wear gloves and some people wear shoulder and elbow pads. Their shoes often have spikes on the bottom.
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Elana Meyers

Ranked number two on the FIBT rankings. She made the national team her very first season. She has a bronze medal from the 2010 winter Olympics with her partner Erin Pac. She is a driver.