Get a Texas Treat!

By Grayson R. Booth

Why you should come!

I am practically giving this land away! Only 5 cents per acre! This is an insane deal! We have a limited supply of land,so come quick!

How to get there!

We will provide a way to get there.Land or sea. That costs 1 cent to use. We will meet you at your local docks or railway station.We can also go by wagon train.We can and will get you to this incredible place.

Ways to get there

Information about your Land!

there is 21.5 inches of rain in the eastern half,17 in western half.Good for ranching.Will protect and compensate you and your property from the Indians.

More Information about your Land!

Rivers nearby are the Red River and the Canadian River.This land is good for ranching.

Contact Information

Contact us to reserve your land today!Go to your local telegram or write us at 2219 Grisholm Lane.


Settlers must be Christian,no foul language,no gambling.Settlers must have complied to these requirements within 60 days of buying land.