Physical Therapy

Rachel Stabeno-----Franklin-7-----10/19/15

My Questions

What is your career?

The career I would like to do when I’m older is physical therapy.

Brief description of what you’ll be doing in your job?

I will work with patients and improve their mobility and help relieve pain after accidents, such as car accidents and sports injuries. I will also improve conditions in geriatric care and neurological conditions.

How much will I earn each year?

The salary starts at $53,863 and the top salary is $83,220.

How much education do I need?

For the state of Texas, I have to have a doctoral degree in physical therapy in an accredited program. If you would like to be a physical therapy assistant, you only need an associate’s degree, but the job pays less than being the actual physical therapist.

What college will best to prepare me for my occupation?

The best college to attend for becoming a physical therapist is the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles, California.

How much will I travel with this job?

If you are a physical therapist, you do not need to travel. You can work in available positions in environments around you, such as hospitals.


What skills do I already have that will help me in this occupation?

I think that as a physical therapist, you will need determination and commitment. People don’t just get better over night, so it’s going to take time, patience, and determination in order for you to successfully help the patient improve.

Why do I want this job?

I want this job because I think it will be very rewarding. I like to help people who need it and seeing how you’re helping them and how they are improving would be really cool. I think all the hard work will pay off because you know that you helped someone be the best that they can, despite the injuries and disabilities.

Where will I be located with this job?

I will most likely be located wherever I end up living when I am an adult. Physical therapists work in environments such as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, and these places are pretty much everywhere.

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