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Skyview Upper Elementary School

Pick Up of Student Items at Skyview

The schedule outlined below will be utilized for all students to return materials to Skyview Upper Elementary School (textbooks, library books, Chromebooks) and to receive any materials that need to be returned. Students and families are assigned dates and times for participation in this process. We respectfully request that you adhere to this schedule and to the identified process as closely as possible. Thank you in advance for your assistance with completing the end-of-year process. There will be friendly Skyview faces on hand to assist with this process.

Packing Up Materials to Return to School

Please follow the directions below for packing up items for return to school. Note that we are requesting a label identifying student name/homeroom both inside and outside of bags.

o All textbooks, library books, etc. should be placed in a large plastic trash bag. Chromebooks and charging cables being returned to the district should not be in this bag. Please keep chromebook separate.

o Before sealing the bag, please write or type/print out the following information on a piece of paper and include it in the top of the bag:

  • Name of the student (first and last)
  • Grade-level of the student (5,6) and homeroom
  • List of the contents of the bag

o Seal the bag. Tape can be used or a knot can be tied in the top of the bag.

o On the outside of the bag, place a piece of tape or affix a piece of paper that identifies name and homeroom of the student.

o Place the sealed bag and chromebook and chromebook charging cable (if returning) in the back hatch/trunk area.

Process When Arriving at Skyview Upper Elementary School

o All transactions will take place in front of Skyview.

o Once you have stopped in front of the entrance, place your vehicle in “Park” and leave the engine running. Either remotely open the back hatch/trunk of the vehicle or if absolutely necessary, exit your vehicle, open the trunk, and immediately re-enter your vehicle.

o Place a piece of paper up against the driver side window with the following information written or printed on the paper:

  • Name of student (first and last)

  • Student Homeroom

o A staff member will approach your vehicle and remove the sealed bag from the back hatch/trunk area

o If your child has materials that need to be returned, these will be placed by a staff member in the back hatch/trunk area. These materials may include items left in lockers or in classrooms.

o Once all material exchanges have concluded, the driver will remotely close the hatch/trunk area, or the staff member will close it if needed. To exit campus, please follow the loop around the back of the building. Do not drive through the parking lot areas.

Assigned Dates and Times - June 9 and 10

o Dates and times are assigned to accommodate the large volume of exchanges that will need to take place.

o The schedule is below. Please refer to the chart(s) below for your assigned date/time.

Big picture
Big picture

Wrapping Up Instruction for the Year

Next week (6/1-6/5) is the last week of posting of new assignments related to new concepts and skills.Teachers will be responding to students and providing feedback throughout this week. Teachers may opt to post closure activities in their google classroom the week of June 8. Summer review work materials will be posted on the district website on June 15.

The special area option menus will remain on the Skyview website throughout the summer. These provide some great options for students to engage in as they are interested.

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