Newsletter Wk2 1 August 2022

Holy Cross Catholic School Papatoetoe

Our Vision: Learning and Growing in Christ

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Kia Ora Koutou Katoa, Talofa Lava, Malo e Lelei, Ni Sa Bula Vinaka, Kia Orana, Hola como Estas, Marhaba, Greetings to you all.
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Message from the Principal

Dear Parents

It's hard to believe it is 1 August. Hopefully we are starting to move into some drier weather so we can all enjoy the outdoors more.

It was lovely to celebrate Mass with the Parish Community yesterday. Special thanks to all the staff, students and families who led the singing, prayers, readings and took up the offertory. It is very important that we all make an effort to attend these Masses as it is important for both the School and Parish to build a positive relationship and to be seen as a united community and not as two separate identities. Our next School led Parish Mass will be on Sunday 30th October at the 10am Mass please mark your calendars as we are hoping to have the majority of our students at this Mass.

Yesterday we acknowledged our Grandparents and the elderly in our communities who contribute so much wisdom and expertise. I wish to acknowledge the grandparents who support their mokopuna with their learning and who celebrate their successes in our school. It is with heartfelt thanks that I acknowledge these special people in our school family who are such a visible presence in our community.


Nga manaakitanga ki a koutou katoa
Julie Paul


Catholic Character Award

Congratulations to Rochelle Manu Joseph who received the Catholic Character Award this week.

Caring Foundation Mass

Last Wednesday, four of our Senior Students were selected to attend the Caring Foundation Mass at Christ the KIng, Owairaka. Bishop Steve concelebrated the Mass with several priests and most of the Catholic Schools and Colleges in the Auckland Diocese attended.

From each of the schools and colleges students had been chosen to receive the Caring Foundation Award for services and actions they had been recognised for in their schools. The four students who were awarded this from our school were Tiare Ryan, Dylia Walter Laulu, Abraham Wulf and Kshaunish Bhandari.

Congratulations to these students and thank you for being caring role models in our school.

School Assembly

This term our weekly school assembly will be held at 2pm on a Friday afternoon. We have changed our day to allow us to accommodate the classes who are going swimming on Monday afternoons. As we are still under the Orange Traffic Light we would prefer parents did not attend assemblies at this time.

Book Week 2022

Last week we celebrated Book Week across the school and on Friday we had a special assembly for classes to share some of their work. Our theme was pets and the following pieces of work were presented by our Year 5/ 6 students who had opposing ideas about the school having a pet. Our compromise has been to get two goldfish for the library and our competition is to guess by Friday what they have been named

Board of Trustees Elections

All parents should have received their packs by mail so they can nominate or be nominated for a place on our School Board of Trustees. Please complete the nomination form and return to school by noon on Wednesday 3 August 2022. N.B. No Late nominations can be accepted.

Please ensure the candidate you are nominating has signed the form.

If you have not received your nomination pack you may collect one from the office as we may have your incorrect postal address or it has been lost in the mail as these forms were all posted on Thursday 13 July 2022.

School and House Leaders

Our opening of term 3 Mass was held last Wednesday and was celebrated by Father Andrew. At the end of the Mass we were delighted to announce our School Council for Terms 3 and 4. They are

Our School Leaders: Tiare Ryan and Dylia Walter Laulu

LIston House Leaders: Jiselle Tuiafitu and Piho Ahovelo

McAuley House Leaders: Renta Zaia and Fili Setima Autagavaia

McKean House Leaders: Lyric Matapo and Alesana Emani Johnson

Pompallier House Leaders: Jaesynn - Ree Fatialofa and Peter Lemisio

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NMSSA National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement (NMSSA)

This week we have two teachers in or school who will be looking at the achievement of our Year 4 students in Mathematics and Health and PE. They will be working with a randomly selected group of students whose parents have already given permission for them to participate in this study.This data is all collated and a National Report on their findings will be made available in 2023. There are no individual reports and no schools are identified in the report.


Please note that school will be closed for Teacher Only Days on Thursday 1 September and Friday 2 September School.

Attendance Dues

Thank you to all the parents who have ensured that their attendance dues for Term 1 and 2 are up to date. The attendance dues are $117.00 per term or $468.00 a year.

If you are making an automatic payment over a whole year this is $9.00 per week per child, but if you pay it over the school year including the holidays Feb to Dec we divide it by 46weeks making it $10.20 per child. Please ensure you are paying enough for each child.

The Catholic Character contribution of $50.00 per child is a one off payment each year. This is tax deductible and can also be paid as one amount or by an automatic payment.

If you have any concerns regarding your attendance dues and Catholic Character contributions please contact

Please remember you signed an agreement that you would pay attendance dues and this must be adhered to otherwise the proprietor of Auckland Common Fund Limited will deal with overdue accounts.

Please do not hesitate to contact Helen Peri or myself if you have any concerns over your accounts as we are happy to meet with you.

School Lunches

Rostered on for school lunches this week Friday 5/8/22 are: Donna Leaupepe & Moe Toiaivao

Please ensure your child's lunch order is handed to the class teacher on Thursday ready for lunches on Friday 5th August.

To place a lunch order please ensure that you place the correct money in an envelope with your child's name, room number and order written on the front of the envelope. Below is the lunch menu.

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School Raffle

Last week we distributed 500 books of raffle tickets and we have had 156 books returned and sold already. Sincere thanks to all the families who have sold and returned their tickets so promptly. Please return your tickets as quickly as possible and if you are having trouble selling a whole book please return the unsold tickets as we have several people wanting more tickets. We would be delighted if all books could be sold by the end of this term.

BINGO Evening

This has been postponed until Friday 26 August. All the details remain the same, so please see our flyers around the school.

Tickets are available for $20.00 each at the school office. Please get your tickets as they are selling fast and numbers are limited.

Auckland Netball Competition

The draw for the Year 7 & 8 Netball games tomorrow 2/8/22 are as follows:

HCS Y7 Red vs Remuera Int RI Y7 Gold 6pm Court 2

HCS Y7 Blue vs St Mary's College 7A 4pm Court 4

HCS Y8 Blue vs St Kentigern SKC Hurley 4pm Court 5

HCS Y8 Red vs St Cuthbert's Y8 2 4pm Court 11

Should Pets be Allowed at School?

In my opinion pets shouldn’t be allowed at school. Pets are animals that we call our own which we nurture and care for. Currently pets are forbidden from entering the school. There may be pro’s and cons to bringing our pets to school, but there is definitely only one settlement to this question.

Issues 1-2 Violence towards other pets & Responsibility

Most pets DON’T get along with each other. They may fight or even attempt to eat other animals. Such as mice and cats, which has been shown throughout the cartoon Tom and Jerry.

When having a pet there comes responsibility. Providing food, giving attention, picking up droppings and supervising them, throughout the day.

Issues 3- 4 Distraction & Destruction

What would you do if you saw a little puppy running around the classroom?. Would you look at it or would you carry on with your schoolwork? EXACTLY!! Pets are a HUGE distraction especially when you have to choose between school work and playing with your pet.

Destruction is a common thing that pets cause. Wrecking furniture is a standard behavior for mostly cats and dogs.

Issues 5-6 Allergies & Nightmares

Pets may be cuddly, but what makes them all warm?. Their fur!!, some students and not to mention teachers, may be allergic to an animal's fur or bacteria on them.

For our younger students, larger species of dogs may be frightening because of the appearance of their teeth or size.

These are the reasons I believe pets SHOULDN'T be allowed at school.

By Rochelle Manu Joseph Year 6 Room 18

Dear Holy Cross Board of Trustees

My name is Alonzo Pauli and I'm in year 6 now in Room 22. I am writing this letter because I think we should have a Holy Cross School pet. This is not a class pet or teacher's pet, it is a School pet. The pet I have in mind and chosen is a Goat.

We should have a pet because this might interest the parents of kids who have not started school yet and maybe the parents might want to send their child to Holy Cross. I know other schools have pets so that's why I had a Goat in mind. With a Goat we would be named the Goat school so The Greatest Of All Time school. Goats are friendly and they won't cause any harm to the children.

The Goat will be taken care of. His walks will always be at morning tea and lunchtimes with the teachers. We can feed the goat and in the same way we can give the goat a bit of water. The junior students would get one week, the odd weeks and Seniors would get the even weeks. There would be 3 classes each day to feed the Goat.

Please Board of Trustees, would you let us have a pet Goat and be the real Greatest of All Times.

By Alonzo Paulo Year 6 Room 22

Principal Awards


R1 Nadyah Sau-Tipelu, Rurick Gonsalves

R4 Taimanea-Atarangi Potangaroa, Rico Alexander Uini-Mealamu


R4a Sam Futialo-Sagatea Eleanora Crichton

R9 Eva Shinto, James Fifita

R10 Harlegata Afoga, Eric Fa’ aui


R1a Telesia Mulipoa , Elisabeth Moa

R2 Mathews Michael, Sophie Brown

R3 Austin Laijo, Lorenzo Sautia

Te Matauranga

R13 Kyra-Lee Collins, Daniel Odeesho


R14 Azaria Andrews, Lavinia Taiala

R15 Samuel Andrews, Daniel King

R16 Patience Eseloma, Isabella Yeng Tung


R18 Rochelle Manu Joseph, Dominic Mealamu

R19 Yachvili Falemoe, Kally Leota-Tuia

R20 Abraham Wulf, Joshua Collins


R17 Sina Raass, Matalena Fetuli-Faavaoga

R21 Kenshu Yeng Tung, Elden Sijo

R22 Slayter Fatialofa, Alonzo Pauli


R6 Tiare Ryan;

R7 Dylia Walter-Laulu; Jiselle Tuiafitu; Lyric Matapo

R8 Jaesyn- Ree; Fatiolafa Renita Zaia

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