The Awsome Angelfish

by:Aliya Young


Imagine an angelfish just swimming in the ocean. Then BAM a Jellyfish appears out of nowhere. Is the angelfish going to get eaten by the jellyfish. No. The angelfish will eat the Jellyfish!

In these articles you'll learn about the angelfish's physical characteristics, food chain, and fun facts. The information will blow you away. Hope you enjoy the free info!

Phyisical Characteristics

An angelfish can be many different colors such as blue, yellow, purple, some even silver! It's pretty obvious that since the angelfish is a fish that it's totally covered in scales. Speak about being out of shape! The angel fish is triangle shaped so that it can hide from it's predators or predator. Sort of like camouflage.I never really heard an angelfish but I researched that it makes a clicking sound like we do with our tongue. I can't believe that a sea creature can imitate a human noise! I don't think or know if an angelfish makes any other sound besides that.

Food Chain

We don't have any predators but ourselves. But the angelfish gets eaten by two animals the moray eel and the angler fish. Scary? The angelfish eats mostly sponges, algae, sea fans, soft coral, and even jellyfish! This animal is an omnivore because it eats both plants and animals. Which is this animal? Prey or predator? Well it's both! Predator because it eats other animals. Prey because it gets eaten by other animals.
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