After this you Will want to go to England!


I'm talking about the country England not the one on hetalia thumbs up to anyone who knows it though! Anyway England is really awesome and I love it so much! If I could go and live anywhere in the world I would go to England. Maybe you can visit and tell me what it's like! Here's about England now

Their queen

England's queen is Elizabeth ||. She is still alive so don't say anything about her being dead, your wrong. From what I'm told she is nice, strict, and funny! I don't know if it's true but it's most likely not. Anyway, Elizabeth has been around to be queen for about 56/57 years. That's a long time.

The queen and some popular tourist spots

some food from england

This is a dessert

Who DOESN'T want to go to England now? And if you are in England Bro fist.