Extracurriculars: Be the Best You

Advantages & considerations

The Basics (summary):

In the article, "Extracurricular Activities" on KidsHealth.com, the author asserts that there are many different advantages to participating in extracurricular activities. Students who are active in extracurriculars meet new people and branch out beyond there comfort zone. This can be extremely helpful when completing college applications or applying for jobs or internships. Students should carefully choose their activities based on suggestions from others that are well respected and consider the time commitment as well as the skill set that's needed.


Getting involved in extracurricular activities makes you a well-rounded person who is set up for success.

"Trying something different may bring you in contact with people you didn't know who share your interests and curiosity."

"It looks good on college and job applications and shows admissions officers and employers you're well-rounded and responsible."

"Being president teaches you leadership and management skills, but involves more responsibility; being a member gives you structure and is less stressful."