Principal's Newsletter


Covid Testing Update

We have a very vigorous protocol for testing students conducted by Liz Dyer and Volunteer extraordinaire, Linda Closter. Not all families choose to have their child tested, but this week we conducted 138 tests K-12 staff and students. We have a window open in each classroom, air purifiers going 24 hours a day, nightly spraying and of course masks, but with all of that, we understand the fragility of the situation. I thank you for trusting us with your children, but of course we are all waiting for this to be over. Yes, its cold in the building and we are sorry for that, but learning from home is not something that can be sustained or beneficial for all learners, either. Know that your children's teachers are working VERY hard and in extreme conditions, so any word of thanks is surely appreciated.

Snacks are Back!

We started selling limited snacks in our cafeteria. At this time, we are not offering students ability to charge purchases. Most items are $1.00 and under.

Seniors are going Places

The college acceptances are rolling in. So far, we have acceptances for those who choose a college path. But equally important is preparation for other paths, so check out a couple pictures from the 11 senior internships we are offering this year

Mid terms

To set up high school students for success, you may have heard that we extended the second quarter. The quarter had been a bit disjointed with some virtual and some in-person learning, so we felt making the week before February vacation our last week of the quarter was a good idea. On return from the February break third quarter will begin and be about 7 days shorter. We had originally cancelled open campus for mid terms, but after a compelling argument from our student body we felt that they needed a win, ( lord knows it has been a stressful year for them), so we compromised and will allow open campus that week. Grades will close on Friday, February 12th.


We know it is cold and you want to do best by your kids, but PLEASE STOP dropping your K-7 children off in our parking lot!! It is a disaster in the making, as teachers roll in to park and kids are running out of cars. We have a system that we ask you to follow. DROP OFF AT THE CURB IN THE FRONT OF THE SCHOOL AND STUDENTS WALK ON THE SIDEWALK TO THE BACK OF THE BUILDING. Yes, this might mean that you have to wait in line and we are sorry. But I know you would agree, that safety is more important.