Chapter 15

By : Lizette Marquez, Monica and Kendra Martinez

Speech Developments

  • Children need to hear language in full-out detail.
  • Describing what a teacher is doing helps the child develop and build vocabulary.
  • Read to your child
  • maintain eye contact when
  • Imitate your child's laughter and facial expressions
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School Preparation

  • Children learn new skills such as how to interact with others.
  • exploring the world through play with active presence of their teachers.
  • playing activities both indoor and outdoor.
  • having a rest period
  • Develop: hearing, touching ,smelling, tasting,moving, and seeing.

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Making the Transition

  • Share positive feelings
  • Make a social adjustment
  • Getting plenty of rest
  • By this time they know their own : Name, Address, Phone Number
  • Focus more on mainly the rules