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April 1, 2019

Our vision is to be a Healthy and Literate Community!

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Cesar Birthday

Today is Cesar Chavez birthday. Monday, April 1 is the observation of his birthday.

What are you doing in your room to observe and acknowledge his work?

I know people have books about him and the library does as well. Please find a few minutes to read to the students about him if don't have anything planned or haven't already done something.

Here are a couple of resources.

Reach and Teach

EduTopia and Cesar


Mental Health

I met with our mental health team last week. Veronica Vences, Betzy Chavez, Sandy Sanchez from La Luz, Susie Garcia from On the Move, Missy Jackson and Maite from EV are the representatives from the organizations supporting the work at EV.

After 13 years of asking for support we are finally in a place where we have coordinated efforts to support our children and families. Here is a brief summary of what we have in place.

Missy leads a team of interns: Sophia Metzer, Christine XX and Maria Gomez. These folks are providing direct services to students. Maria is from Mentis in Napa and is being funded by the district. Sophia and Christine are completing their hours for their respective Universities.

Burnett Therapeutic (Clay and Rosy) provide services on campus to students and do some in home support for a couple of families. They are funded through medical-cal and coordinated through La Luz.

Theresa meets with parents Friday nights at La Luz and is funded through grant money that La Luz secured for us.

SAY, Hanna and LGBTQ Connections, Sonoma County Behavioral Health support in specific areas and depend on need and referral.

Dr. Kirk offers a Parent Cafe every week where parents to have the opportunity to work through a variety of issues and concerns.

All referrals will continue to go through Missy. She does an in-take and decides which service is best suited for the particular need. This is very exciting!!! Thank you!!!

Cathy Coleman and Melanie Blake - Board Trustees

Trustee Coleman and Blake will be on campus Wednesday, April 3 at 6pm to meet with parents. the parent leadership invited them to come for a meet and greet. The parents are interested in understanding the role of the school board and want to know how the trustees plan on supporting schools. All are invited to attend.

Wellness Survey

Please take a minute to complete this survey. After Alisa visited I realized that we needed to customize the experience for our staff. This is an attempt to get you what you need. We/I have been so focused on what kids and families need to be healthy, that I was over looking the need to take care of ourselves. Thank you! m

Health Office

Just a reminder to please send students to the office before going to the nurses office. Sometimes the health tech is out and we need to help the student in the office.

LGBTQ Connections

Friday night during ELAC we showed this video to parents. It was SUPER powerful and started some great conversation. We will continue to work with LGBTQ connections to support our families and students into next year.

Chronically Absent

We have 56 students who are chronically absent. This is a huge number and a big spike from last year. We are working on some strategies to figure out how to improve these numbers. These numbers include excused and unexcused absences. The state does not differentiate between illness, appointments etc.. if you miss 10% of the year you are considered chronically absent.

Lucy Calkins and her Team (Repeat)

I wanted to share with you one of the many reasons I am an advocate for readers and writers workshop and the professional development Lucy Calkins and her team offer.

Attached is a statement recently published by Lucy and her colleagues regarding their work.

For me it is not just about the level of rigor, quality of instruction and development of independent thinkers and learners... it is also about equity, social justice and racism.

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Math Promise Standards (Repeat) - CANCELLED

Based on my recent principal meeting we will need to be ready to talk about promise standards in math by April 30. The documents you have created will help with this conversation. In addition, the Napa standards will help inform this work.

There will be a release day in May and we will need grade level representation at a district grade level meeting. Please let me know who will represent your grade level.

Sign up for your grade rep.

Important Dates (repeat)

April 1 & 2

Hareem Atif 3-5 - we book subs

April 3, 10, 17 and 24

Peer to Peer - we book subs

May 22

K-2 Math Promise Standards - book your own sub (One per grade level) - CANCELLED

May 23

3-5 Math Promise Standards - book your own sub (One per grade level) - CANCELLED

Up Coming Events


Mon & Tues 1 & 2 - Hareem for 3rd-5th grades, Anu Cairo visits

Wed. 3 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 24

Thurs. 4 DELAC

Fri. 5 Leadership Meeting

Mon. 8 Staff meeting

Wed. 10 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 25

Fri. 12 Principals TK-12

Mon. 15 District Grade Level Meeting

Wed. 17 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 26 (on your own)

Thurs. 18 Elementary Principals

Fri. 19 Restructuring Team

Mon. 22 Golf Tourney

Wed. 24 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 27

Thurs. 25 Sing a long 9am

Fri. 26 SSC & ELAC

Mon 29 Staff meeting


Wed. 1 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 28

Fri. 3 Purple Pinkie and Cinco de Mayo

Mon Staff meeting

Wed. 8 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 29

Thurs. 9 DELAC

Fri. 10 Restructuring Team with Anu Cairo

Wed. 15 Maite, Chris and Gen at UCD & Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 30 (on your own)

Thurs. 16 Elementary Principals

Fri. 17 Principals TK-12

Mon. 20 Staff Meeting

Wed. 22 On your own for Open House

Wed. 22 Open House (on your own)

Thurs. 23 Coffee Day

Fri. 24 SSC & ELAC

Mon. 27 holiday

Wed. 29 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 31

Thurs. 30 Sing a long 9am

Fri. 31 EV Field Day and BBQ


Tues. 4 Preschool Grad

Wed. 5 On your own

Wed. 5 Awards Assembly

Thurs 6 Promotion

Fri. 7 Teacher Work day

Thurs. 13 Elementary Principals

Fri. 14 Principals TK-12

Fri. 21 Leadership Meeting for maite