Skeletal System Stations

September 19th-23rd


You will be working at two different stations today. During this time please stay in your seats at your tables. You will have about 20 minutes at each station and there is a lot to do! Make sure you are focusing and using your time wisely.

- If you need help or the directions are unclear please raise your hand.

-If you are watching a video please use your headphones and keep the volume low.

-use your computer respectfully and responsibly!

-do your best and learn something new :)

Station 1

Ms. Dollard

Materials needed:


Science Notebook

Come to the kidney table near the window. Make sure you come quietly and you are ready to learn :)

Station 2

Brainpop Video- Skeleton

1) Watch the brainpop video on the skeleton -

2) As you watch make sure you are listening for important information about the skeleton.

3) Once you are done watching click on Make-A-Map. Use images, keywords and blank nodes to share 3 of the important facts you learned from the video.

4) Use command + shift + 4 to create a screen shot which will save to to your computer.

Station 3

Skeleton Interactive notes

This is independent. You will need a partner to complete the end of your worksheet .

Go to this website-

Follow the interactive website and fill on the notes on your paper.

Once you take the quiz at the end- screen shot your grade. command + shift+ 4

Station 4


You will be creating vocabulary index cards. You will write the word on one side of the index card and the definition on the other. Put your words in a ziplock bag.

  1. Skeletal System: The system that is made up of all the bones in the body.

  2. Bones: The organs that make a skeleton.

  3. Bone Marrow: Spongy material inside long bones that produces blood cells.

  4. tendon- A band of tissue that connects muscle to bone. (Interactive Glossary)

  5. spongy bone- The tissue inside of bone that looks like a “sponge” and is found at the end of large bones.

  6. compact bone-The hard, dense bone tissue that is under the outer membrane of a bone.

  7. cartilage- A durable, flexible material that is found in many areas of the body.

Once you make your own cards, practice on quizlet

Station 5

Discovery ED

Login and click on your assignments.
Early Finishers

Done early? Don't fret! Here is a game to keep your skeletal skills sharp! (You will need headphones)