Zariana Williams

One Tuesday morning ,when I was in third grade I woke up for school a little late. For some odd reason my moms alarm didn't go off. I was upset and tears came to eyes when my mom told me it would all be okay. I kept thinking that my teacher wouldn't let me come into the class. I could just picture everyone laughing at me as I walked my tardy self in class.I just kept asking my mom could I just miss school Today.

It took me like ten minutes to get dressed, that's the quickest I have ever gotten dressed.I still had five minutes until I was tardy.My mom and I got in the car to head to school.It was to late now I was ten minutes late now.I walked into the school building , and the little old office lady asked me why was I so late.I just said my alarm didn't go off.

She then handed me my sad little sheet of paper that meant I was tardy.When I was on my way down the hall I heard someone call my name.It sounded like my best friend Victoria , but I only wished it was her. Before I knew it the classroom was right in front of me it was time to walk in now.A little latter I decided it was now time to go in.I walked in and all the eyes went from the teacher to me.They all stared a hole into me then I felt a tear hit my fluffy big cheeks.

They all stared a hole in me , then I felt a tear hit my big fluffy cheeks.All the silence just broke.It was my best friend Victoria!!!!I gave her the biggest bear hug in the world.I am not a shame to be tardy anymore or even embarrassed. Everyone has a bad day and today was just mine. This simple mistake taught me to never be a shame or afraid of making a mistake.Like being tardy!!!!!!!

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