Reforming Government

by Taylor, Brandan, Tanner, and Joe

-there were two different proposals to reforming the cities government

-the 1st proposal was to divide the government into several departments and hire an expert commissioner to control each one.

- the 2nd was to hire a city council manager instead of having a mayor.

-Texas adopted commission plan in 1901, other cities then followed direct election of senators in 1912.

-the government was made more efficient by using ideas from business

-Led by republican governor Robert M. La Follette

-Robert La Follette influenced Wisconsin to become the Laboratory of Democracy when he led reforms that broke the power of the party bosses

-Party Bosses: control votes and dedicates appointments

"reputation for corruption".

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Different issues led to different approaches. This reform was important to improve the way their government enter acted with the citizens and also to get the government more involved.