The Archives war

A conflict of misunderstandings

It was a really peaceful spring morning in Texas. It was the year of 1842.

when suddenly a Mexican force entered Texas. There's news that the force was under the supervision of General Rafael Vasquez. There were seven hundred soldiers in force. They attacked San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio and Victoria. Although, they returned to Mexico soon. The attack didn't cause much damage, but it caused Texans to panic. Houston was afraid that they would attack Austin, so he ordered all the Archives (records) to be withdrawed from the capital. Austin residents opposed this move . they suspected that it means the capital would be moved back to Houston. A group of rebels fired at the officials who were loading documents onto the wagons. The leaders of the rebels was Angelina Eberly.

The End

This short conflict of misunderstandings is called the "Archives war" which eventually ended with the documents back in Austin.