6th Grade English

May 4-8, 2015

Welcome to May!

I hope you all enjoy the festivities for the Bloom! We are in the home stretch. Upcoming events to add to your calendar: May 14th Reading SOL, May 19th Math SOL, May 20th 6th Grade Awards @ 8:30am, May 25th No School Memorial Day, May 26th 6th Grade Carnival, May 27th Last day of school= early dismissal= Field day @ the pool. Let us know if you have any concerns or questions.

What do great readers do?? READ! Check out this summer's reading programs!

The Handley Regional Library Valley Reads Summer Reading program is Read to the Rhythm . Sign up online at: read.lva.virginia.gov

DMMS is participating in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge as well. Students can help out by logging in at scholastic.com/summer and keeping track of their reading minutes. Be looking for more information on this program in the next coming weeks!

Remember kids that don't read over the summer are likely to fall behind when they head back to school. Encourage reading!

Have you been following us on Twitter??

Check out #dmmsread4fun! We have been tweeting about our reading. We will continue to use this hashtag throughout the summer with our reading programs. Tweet with your child and share with us what you are reading, and what you are thinking about your reading!!

Summer School!

Been thinking about having your child visit us at summer school? The course offerings are out and students have been seeing course information each morning on the announcements. Reading, Writing, Arithmetic... It will be a great way to spend summer time with friends and teachers! Check out DMMS website: http://www.wps.k12.va.us/dmms/index.html

Student Top Lists for 6th Grade!!

What I learned about friendship (Amber Lynn Graham)

-Trust your friends

-Be there for them.

-You need to talk about your problems that you have with them.

Top 5 book suggestions:(Amiel Bravo)

Captain Underpants

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Witch and Wizard

Witch and Wizard the Gift

Witch and Wizard the Fire

Most Memorable Moments of 6th Grade (James Wang)

-Walking on the track and talking nonsense with my friends

When I thought I was going to get a B, but still got an A

When a whiteboard fell over on my classmate and it made a big BANG

Exploding mustard packet

When I sneaked a 7-8 book out of the library

Top 5 Books I read in 6th Grade (Sanae Stokes)

Mocking Jay

The Maze Runner

Boy in Striped Pajamas


Catching Fire

Top 5 books (Jessica Alamo)

Keeping Safe the Stars

Glass sentence

Maniac Magee


Oliver Twist

Top 5 Suggestions for Upcoming 6th Graders (Christopher Brooks)

Have confidence

Use your Riflemen

Always do your work

Respect everyone

Study and be prepared

Experiences I'll Never Forget (Cole Cestaro)

Putting a pie in Mrs. Wheeling's face

Buying 50 lollipops for $3

Punting a soccer ball from the other side of my house and getting it in the basketball hoop

By: Leah Rogers Top ten suggestions for upcoming sixth graders

  • Do your homework

  • Listen carefully to your teachers

  • Follow directions

  • Clean up after yourself

  • Don’t talk back to teachers

  • Turn in papers on time

  • Remember to give yourself time to read

  • always bring you correct binders

  • always bring your binders

Suggestions for upcoming 6th graders (Hayleigh Davis)

1 don’t procrastinate just get things done

2 do your homework its not that hard

3 listen to the teacher if you don’t you will get in trouble and you will miss important things

4 don’t be afraid to raise your hand in class if you don’t get it right that's OK

5 make good choices

6 don't let your friends get in the way of your school work a reputation is less important than your school work

7 re take things if you don't like the score that you got then retake it if they let you retake it

8 be kind you don't have to be mean being nice can go a long way

9 don’t bring all of your binders home if you don’t need it then don’t bring it home

10 be patient not all teachers are young some don’t have the best hearing or i sight so be patient they will call on you soon and make sure you speak up

My top 10 books I would suggest (Lucian Ford)



3. Where the Red Fern grows

4. Wonder

5. Because of Winn-Dixie

6.Diary of a wimpy kid: Cabin Fever

7.I survived

8. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

9. The Vietnam War

10. Diary of a wimpy kid : Hard Luck

Top Ten List of 6th grade (Bobby Kaniecki)

  1. History (because of the teachers)

  2. The freedom 6th graders have

  3. Lunch

  4. Mrs Entwistle

  5. Mr. weir

  6. Mrs. wheeling

  7. Mrs. Milburn


  9. Mr Miller

  10. Break out groups in english

Top Ten Amazing Stories (Jayden Vardaro)

10. 39 Clues

9. Judy Moody

8. Harry Potter

7. Magic Carpet

6. Skeleton Key

5. Eagle Strike

4. Bad Island

3. Hunger Games

2. Amulet

1. Bone

top ten jonathon patrick

  1. First time i rode the bus home with lil han

  2. Every day at lunch

  3. Ms. E’s sarcasm every day

  4. The honor students party

  5. Zumba every now and then

  6. The movie we saw

  7. gym every day

  8. talking with my squad

  9. playing tag with kevin and jayden

  10. dismissal

Top Ten Things About Being A 6th Grader (Sofia Posadas)

10. All the fun lessons you learn in your classes

9. Break-Out Groups

8. Interesting Computer Days

7. Lively Science and History Fairs

6. #dmmsread4fun

5. Brain Breaks sponsered by Go Noodle.com

4. Personalizing your locker!

3. Fun clubs to explore new topics

2. Field Trips to use your knowledge

  1. Quarterly Celebrations!

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