Weekly Rangers Newsletter

Week of October 12th-16th


* A Big thank YOU to our music teachers, Ms. Kelley and Ms. Whitley for putting a spectacular 4th grade musical together for our 1st PTA meeting. Also, thank you to the 4th grade teachers and our wonderful custodial crew!

* Thank you to Kate Smith for updating our website for us!

* 100% of classes have done their digital citizenship! Great Job!

* Robyn Roberson's 1st official day is on Monday, the 12th. Her first official day with her 1st grade class is Wednesday, the 14th. Please stop by her room when you get a chance to say hello!

* Thank you to Coach Anderson and Coach Guerra for their flexibility and assistance this week!

* Thank you to Heather Knox for sharing out her random acts of kindness lessons with 5th grade!

* From the words of Wetmore Ranger students to Mrs. Toma, "I like being here, you're the best!" - Thank you for all that you do with our students!

* Featured on our newsletter this week are Student Goals & a student showing what his big rocks and little rocks are going to be for the year!! Great Job Mrs. Jacob's and Mrs. Bouchard's class!

Current Events

Monday, 10/12

Student Holiday/Staff Development

Tuesday, 10/13:

*ARD Day

*Happy Birthday Jean !

*First day of collecting instructional Writing Sample

*5th grade math training for new teachers, 8:00-11:00

*5th grade math training, after school (2nd optional training)

*Author Visit, Lucas Miller - Please see schedule in News/Reminders

* Jean Perez's fitness class, gym, 3:30-4:30

Wednesday, 10/14:

* College T-Shirt Day!

* Auxiliary Committee Day

* Sam's club membership information - lounge -10:30-1:00

* Watchdogs Dad meeting, cafeteria, 6:30-8:30

Thursday, 10/15:

* Happy Birthday Amity!

* Elementary Principal's Meeting, 8:00-4:30 (Mrs. Rosas)

* 3rd grade SAWP, 8:00-4:00, Castle Hills Cafeteria

* 1st & 2nd grade Analyzing and Utilizing Running Records, 3:30-5:00, Ramec 619

* Kinder Math measurement training, after school

* Kinder new teacher Measurement, Data Analysis & Alg. Reasoning, 8:00-11:00

* 1st Geometry training, after school

* Jean Perez's fitness class, gym, 3:30-4:30

Friday, 10/16

* End of 1st nine weeks

* 1st-5th RAP rosters are due to Mrs. Schaeffer

* ELL Linguistic Accommodations due to Mrs. Medina (ESL Teachers)

* 504 Accommodation monitoring forms due to Mrs. Bagley

* IIT Meeting, 8:00-4:00, Ramec 614 (Mrs. Schaefer)

* National Boss's Day

* Leadership team synergizing meeting, 11:30

- 1st grade GT meeting, 1:00, Encino Park, Mrs. Sauter


* Digital Citizenship verification forms due to Mrs. Wright on October 14th.

* Lucas Miller schedule for Tuesday, October 13th:

Kinder-2nd: 8:00, cafeteria

5th: 9:15, library

3rd: 10:25, library

4th: 1:00, library

-Please be on time and stay with your class during the presentation.

* 5th grade tutoring starts on October 13th.

* For the week of Sept. Oct.5th-9th, our campus attendance percentage was 94.65%. Our campus goal is 97.3%.

Here are the grade level percentages:

K - 92.58% - last week: 91 % - You increased!!!!

1st - 94.80% - last week: 95.7 %

2nd - 94.91% - last week: 94.7% - You increased!!!

3rd - 95.67 - last week: 96.6%

4th - 95.43% - last week: 96.9%

5th- 96.45% - last week 97.1%

Upcoming Events

October 17th- Super Saturday

October 19th -

-RR: Team up against drugs!

-1st-5th: 1st day of RAP

- 1st day of AMC testing

- 1st day of Book Fair

- 3rd grade Reading STAAR 101 for new teachers, 3:30-5:00,

October 20th

-RR: I'm a "Jean"-ius, Give Drugs the Boot! Wear boots, jeans, and western wear

-MacArthur Pals on campus, 1:45-2:15

-4th grade new teacher Operations training, 8:00-11:00

-4th grade Math (Operations) training, after school

October 21st

-RR: We're too bright for drugs! Wear neon colors and shades.

Staff development training

October 22nd

-RR: Don't get mixed up in drugs! Wear mixed-matched clothes.

-Happy Birthday Erica Marshall!

-1st grade, new teacher math training, 8:00-11:00, geometry & fractions/measurement

- 4th grade Math (Operations) training, after school

October 23rd -

-Show your drug free spirit-Wear your Wetmore Shirt!

-Book fair opens late, 4-6

Fall Festival, 6-8

-Last day for collecting one writing sample.

October 25th - Happy Birthday Eric!

- Happy Birthday Jeanne!

October 26th - 4th grade Revisiting Working with words, 3:30-5:00, Ramec 614

October 27th

-Little Spurs Clinic coming to host a flu clinic

October 28th

- Academic Committee meetings

- Picture re-takes

- Charitable Contribution forms due to Mrs. Medina

October 30th

-Read around the school, 1-2

November 2nd:

- First day of Kinder RAP

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